Aristocrat retractable awnings and window awnings shelter you from the blazing sun! Our superior quality awnings function seamlessly for years, and allow you to use your patio, deck, or porch while protecting your skin from damaging UV rays. Choose your awning model-the closed cassette Manor awning, the bestselling Estate awning, the economical Eko awning, and Cottage awnings for your porch and windows, restaurant awnings and commercial awnings.

With hundreds of awning fabrics to choose from, and a variety of awning models and styles for your patio, deck, balcony, windows and doors, Aristocrat awnings are top of the line in quality and durability. Aristocrat Awnings carry a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty from Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company, a leader in home improvement products since 1946.

Sun when you want it – shade when you need it. The number one problem with patios and decks? Too hot to sit on! Aristocrat retractable patio and deck awnings turn your unused deck, patio or balcony into a cool, comfortable place to relax!

Awnings not only add cool shade to your patio, deck, or balcony – they cool the inside of your home and protect you, your family, and your furnishings from harmful UV rays. Our state of the art manufacturing process assures a top quality, durable awning. Professional installation assures smooth operation season after season.


The Manor Awning

A premier, true full cassette system that completely encloses the fabric and hardware in a handsome permanently painted case. The extruded aluminum case provides security and protection for the awning when retracted – ideal for vacation homes. A full cassette, flush mount awning with sizes to accommodate almost every patio.

    • Widths from 7 to 23 feet
    • Projections at 4’11”, 6’7”, 8’2” 9’10” 11’6” and 13’1”
    • Color choices – white, sandstone and earthstone
    • Mount on wall, roof or soffit
    • Manual or motorized

The Estate Awning

The most popular model designed to give you an attractive and durable awning with features that stand above the rest. A semi-cassette, flush mount awning.

    • Flexible widths for every patio application
    • Slim-Filt Model 5’1” to 14’7”
    • Standard Estate Model 6’11” to 41’
    • Estate XLP Model 18’ to 23
    • Standard Projections at 4’11”, 6’7”, 8’2” 9’10” 11’6” and 13’1”
    • XLP Model 14’9” and 16’5” – requires stabilizing legs
    • Color choices – white, sandstone and earthstone (XLP in white only)
    • Mount on wall, roof or soffit
    • Manual or motorized

The Eko Awning

Aristocrat quality at an economical price. Available in widths from 8 ft to 23, and in projections of 6’11”, 8’6” and 10’2”. Motorized option available. A basic model patio awning, with many options.

  • Widths from 8 to 23 feet
  • Projections at 6’11”, 8’6” and 10’2”
  • Color choices – white +
  • Mount on wall, roof or soffit
  • Manual or motorized

The Window Awning

Sun control from the outside! Add a finishing touch to your home with window awnings. Window awnings bring cool shade, substantially lowering air conditioning bills and protecting valuable furnishings and carpets from fading. If your only sun protection is inside your home – you’re losing the energy battle! Long popular in Europe, exterior solar shades block the heat of the sun before it has a chance to heat up the window glass…while reducing glare and protecting your furnishings.