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Conquer Your Clogged Gutters Forever in Western Illinois with JB&D's Gutter Helmet

Ditch the ladder and say goodbye to gutter woes forever! JB&D Siding & Window proudly brings you legendary Gutter Helmet, the #1 gutter protection system on the market for over 40 years. Enjoy the proven performance and reliability of a product backed by the award-winning JB&D Home Improvement team!

No other product on the market can boast the history, legacy and patented performance that Gutter Helmet has delivered. With a truly exceptional triple-lifetime warranty and the JB&D team’s five decades of home improvement installation experience, you’re backed by Western Illinois’ best team for gutter protection! Learn more about the Gutter Helmet product and its performance below.

Quality Gutter Protection from Gutter Helmet: Installed by the pros at JB&D

Gutter Helmet’s patented design is a performance hero for your gutters. Its unique ribbed surface channels rainwater effortlessly, while its patented nose forward design blocks leaves, twigs, and even pesky critters from clogging your gutters. No more climbing shaky ladders, scooping slimy leaves, or spending your valuable weekend free time on this messy chore!

Why JB&D + Gutter Helmet?
  • Decades of proven excellence: Gutter Helmet has protected homes for over 40 years, earning its reputation as the original and best gutter protection system.
  • Ultimate clog-free peace of mind: Forget climbing ladders and scooping leaves. Gutter Helmet’s patented design seamlessly channels rainwater while filtering out debris, guaranteeing a worry-free flow all year round.
  • Unmatched durability & warranty: Built with heavy-duty materials and backed by a triple lifetime warranty, Gutter Helmet is an investment that lasts.
  • Local expertise, nationwide recognition: JB&D’s team of certified professionals delivers top-notch installation and service, earning you the “JB&D difference” of small-town care and big-city expertise.

The genius of Gutter Helmet: A Proven Gutter Shield Against Clogs and Overflow

Gutter Helmet remains a revolutionary solution that transforms the function of how your gutters work. Its brilliance lies in the innovative design, ensuring your gutters remain clear, functional, and virtually maintenance-free.

How Gutter Helmet Works
  • Surface Tension Technology: Gutter Helmet’s surface tension technology is the key to its effectiveness. Rainwater naturally adheres to the curved surface of the system while leaves, debris, and other contaminants are repelled. This ensures that only water enters your gutters, preventing clogs and maintaining optimal water flow.

  • Horizontal Ribbed Surface: The horizontal ribbed surface of Gutter Helmet prevents debris from settling on top, encouraging leaves and other particles to simply blow off with the wind. This unique design minimizes the need for manual cleaning, saving you time and effort.

  • PermaLife™ Coating: Gutter Helmet is crafted with durability in mind. The PermaLife™ coating ensures that the system remains resilient against the elements, resisting corrosion and extending the lifespan of your gutters.

  • Custom Fit Installation: Each Gutter Helmet is custom-fitted to your existing gutters, creating a seamless and integrated solution for your home. Our expert installers ensure a perfect fit, providing you with a reliable defense against gutter-related issues.

  • Peace of Mind Warranty: Rest easy knowing that Gutter Helmet is backed by a comprehensive warranty. Our commitment to quality is reflected in a warranty that covers both performance and materials, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Don’t let clogged gutters and water damage be a concern any longer. Experience the freedom of worry-free gutters with Gutter Helmet – the ultimate water protection for your home. Below is a quality video that showcases how the system works!

Leading Gutter Guard Performance backed by A Triple Lifetime Guarantee

So confident in the quality and performance of their product standing the test of time, Gutter Helmet’s triple lifetime warranty extends homeowners a true guarantee for today and tomorrow. Enjoy the benefits of JB&D longevity and a warranty that includes:

Lifetime Material Warranty
  • Guarantees the Gutter Helmet material itself will be free from defects due to faulty material or workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser under normal use and maintenance.
  • This covers the aluminum construction, PermaLife™ coating, and other components of the system.

Lifetime Performance Warranty
  • Guarantees your gutters will remain clog-free, provided the Gutter Helmet is used and installed correctly.
  • This means rainwater will flow freely through the system, with no leaves, twigs, or other debris causing blockages.
  • In the rare event of a clog, the warranty includes free cleaning and correction of the issue by a certified Gutter Helmet installer.

Transferable Warranty
  • You can transfer the warranty to the next homeowner, subject to registration within 45 days of the homeownership transfer.
  • This adds value to your property and assures potential buyers of the Gutter Helmet’s long-term performance and protection.

the Awarded Name for Home Improvement Installing the Top Name in Gutter Protection

Enjoy the quality and trusted local name in Western Illinois Home Improvement, JB&D Siding & Window. Our awarded team brings you all the following benefits to your home improvement project:

Local Expertise, National Recognition

JB&D isn’t just your average gutter company. They’re trusted members of your community, deeply familiar with the specific needs and challenges of Central Illinois homes. But their expertise goes beyond the local level – they’re also recognized for their top-notch home improvement installations, earning them the award for best Home Improvement by the Galesburg Register Mail and McDonough County Voice.

Meticulous Craftsmanship, Guaranteed Satisfaction

When it comes to your gutters, you deserve the best. JB&D’s team of certified professionals takes pride in their craftsmanship, ensuring every Gutter Helmet installation is done right. We’re so confident in their work that they offer a worry-free satisfaction guarantee, giving you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Worry-Free Maintenance, Lasting Protection

The dreaded chore of gutter cleaning is no more! With JB&D’s Gutter Helmet installation, you can ditch the ladder and enjoy the freedom of clog-free gutters for years to come. Gutter Helmet’s patented design keeps leaves, twigs, and even pesky critters out, while channeling rainwater seamlessly, protecting your home from water damage and foundation issues.

With JB&D, you’re not just getting a Gutter Helmet system – you’re getting a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing exceptional service and lasting value. Contact JB&D today for a free quote and experience the Gutter Helmet difference for yourself!

The Gutter Helmet Installation Process


Schedule Your Appointment

Every installation of Gutter Helmet from JB&D Siding & Window begins with scheduling your free consultation


Your Appointment

What To Expect

JB&D Siding & Window will come to your home, free of charge, and measure your gutters accurately. We will be sure to get all details gathered and provide you and accurate price and all the information you need to make a decision right for you.

Your Appointment

Purchase Decision Made

Schedule Your Project

With your decision to go with Gutter Helmet secured, the JB&D scheduling team will work with you to find a time and installation date that will work best for you and your schedule.

Purchase Decision Made

Gutter Helmet Installation

Day of Installation

The JB&D team will arrive on time and prepare the job site. Once prep-work is completed, they will begin installation. Most Gutter Helmet installations are completed in just a few hours. More complex jobs can require additional time, though.

Gutter Helmet Installation

Installation Complete

Another Satisfied Customer

With the installation of your Gutter Helmet complete, JB&D will be sure your job site is cleaned. Our care and attention don’t stop there, though. Should any issues or questions arrive, simply get in touch with us and our helpful staff will assist you well into the future!

Installation Complete

Frequently Asked Gutter Helmet Questions

Gutter Helmet features a unique design with a nose forward design that diverts rainwater into your gutters while leaves, twigs, and other debris slide off the smooth surface. This prevents clogs and keeps your gutters flowing freely year-round.

Absolutely not! Unlike some of our competition, Gutter Helmet is designed to seamlessly install over existing gutter systems. This saves you time and money compared to a complete gutter replacement. In some rare instances, portions of gutters may need maintenance prior to installation. We will be sure to discuss any of these concerns as they arise and offer the best remedy.

Ah, the joys of midwest living! The Gutter Helmet unique design prevents ice dams and snow buildup, protecting your roof and gutters from winter damage. No more dangerous roof shoveling required! 

Gutter Helmet is virtually maintenance-free. Sit back and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your gutters are always flowing freely. No more climbing ladders or scooping out leaves! In very rare cases, some installations may require a very occasional cleaning with a hose from the ground level. 

St. Joseph Siding & Window extends Gutter Helmet's comprehensive Triple Lifetime Warranty on your Gutter Helmet system. This includes material and performance warranties, a transferable warranty for future homeowners, and a guaranteed labor warranty for expert installation.

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JB&D Quality Difference

Gutter Helmet TRiple Lifetime Warranty

Rest assured, Central Illinois neighbors! JB&D Siding & Window stands behind Gutter Helmet’s legendary Triple Lifetime Warranty. Materials are guaranteed forever, performance backed for a lifetime, and even future homeowners enjoy transferable peace of mind. Let us put more than 40 years of experience to work for you. Invest in Gutter Helmet with JB&D and say goodbye to gutter woes, forever!

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Picture this: rain cascading smoothly off your gutters, not your ladder. No more clogged nightmares, messy cleanups, or water damage worries. Gutter Helmet from JB&D Siding & Window brings lasting peace of mind to your home. So forget the tedious chore and expensive water damage repairs. Claim your free quote today and let JB&D show you how easy life can be with Gutter Helmet.